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News: July 2016

Ch. 4 video - Engineering Innovation spaghetti bridge ceremony

Ch. 4 - WRC (NBC in DC) covered the Engineering Innovation spaghetti bridge ceremony. Watch the video here.

5 Tips to Keep Job Searching Alive in the Summer

CATEGORY: Academics

As the warmer weather increases and the activities of summer are calling louder, the daunting task of job searching may begin to lose its significance. Summer is not the time to reduce your efforts; it is the time to be more precise in your efforts. Read on for tips from the associate director of the AAP Professional Career Services Center.

Future Engineers Fueled by Pasta

CATEGORY: Academics, K-12 Outreach

Approximately 30 high school students attended Engineering Innovation at the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus. Students learned to think and problem solve like engineers while learning about different types of engineering, including mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering and robotics.

Christine Brennan and Peter Hakim Talk Brazil Olympics

CATEGORY: Academics, In The Community

Veteran sports writer Christine Brennan and Brazilian expert Peter Hakim discuss the upcoming Rio Olympics with Oasis students.

High School Students Get Hands-On Experience in Lab Research Class

CATEGORY: Academics, K-12 Outreach

The summer course gave students a unique opportunity to use professional lab equipment.

Johns Hopkins Trustees Extend Ronald J. Daniels' Presidency by Five Years

CATEGORY: Academics

The Johns Hopkins University board of trustees has appointed Ronald J. Daniels to an additional five years as president, extending his tenure as leader of the institution through June 30, 2024.