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News: July 2015

Summer Program Encourages Engineering Students to Build, Wreck Bridges

CATEGORY: Academics, K-12 Outreach, In The Community

Germantown Pulse: Summer programs for high school students are often about building bridges to the future, making connections that will help at a future time in your career. These programs often don’t involve destroying those bridges. The Engineering Innovation program at Johns Hopkins ends with bridges in pieces and a mess on the floor.

Future Engineers Strain Spaghetti

CATEGORY: Academics, K-12 Outreach

One by one, students watched their final projects fall apart. That was by design. Students in Engineering Innovation spent the better part of two weeks figuring out how to best build a bridge made of nothing more than spaghetti and epoxy glue.

Aspiring engineers compete to build strongest bridge out of spaghetti

CATEGORY: Academics, K-12 Outreach, In The Community

Ch. 5 (video): It's the last day of summer camp for these D.C. area teenagers. They took part in a four-week program for budding engineers.

MCPS Video: Summer Johns Hopkins Program Teaches Engineering

CATEGORY: Academics, K-12 Outreach, In The Community

Watch an MCPS video about the Engineering Innovation program.

Using their Noodles for Science's Sake

CATEGORY: Academics, K-12 Outreach, In The Community

Washington Post: Building a bridge can be a good test of engineering skills, requiring consideration of weight, strength and flexibility. As dozens of students gathered around a table to begin their own creations, they learned that their building material would be something not usually associated with any of those concepts: raw spaghetti.

Writing Their Hearts Out

CATEGORY: Academics, K-12 Outreach

High school and college students learn how to write strong college essays in this summer program.

Weber Named Vice-Chair of Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Legislative Affairs Committee

CATEGORY: In The Community

Leslie Ford Weber, director of the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus, has been re-elected to a board of directors executive committee position with the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce.

High School Students Learn Hands-On Science Techniques in Lab Class

CATEGORY: Academics, K-12 Outreach

Intro to Lab Research exposes high school students to DNA purification, polymerase chain reaction, bioinformatics and more.

JHU Launches New Food Safety Regulation Degree

CATEGORY: Academics

Johns Hopkins University recently launched a new master's degree in Food Safety Regulation. The degree is offered by Advanced Academic Programs. Hopkins Happenings asked Tom Colonna, associate director Regulatory Science and Food Safety Regulation Programs, to discuss the need for a food safety regulation degree.