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News: May 2015

5 Ways to Propel Your Job Search This Summer

CATEGORY: Academics

Roni White, associate director of AAP Professional Career Services Center, offers advice to students on how to use the summer months to work on their job searches.

JHU Celebrates the Class of 2015

CATEGORY: Academics

Addressing a soggy crowd of graduating Johns Hopkins University students this morning, Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull emphasized the necessity of failure as part of a creative life.

Biotechnology Research Symposium Turns 10

Approximately 15 students presented research findings at the 10th Annual Research Symposium, held by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Biotechnology Education.

Tour de Cookie Raises Money for Child Abuse Prevention

CATEGORY: In The Community

Minutes after the crowd finished singing the Sesame Street classic “C is for Cookie,” approximately 550 bicycle riders hit the pavement through the streets of Rockville, spreading awareness of child abuse prevention and raising money for the Tree House Child Assessment Center.

Technology Digest Inc. Opens Doors at Montgomery County Campus

CATEGORY: Tenant News

Technology Digest Inc., an information technology consulting and product development firm, has made its new home at Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus.