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News: July 2013

Super-Fast Data Transfer PoP to be Located at JHU MCC

Imagine driving down the highway at 1 mph. Slow and agonizing. What if you could zoom down that highway at 1,200 mph instead? A newly minted partnership between Mid-Atlantic Crossroads, or MAX, and Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus will enable researchers to transfer data at super-high speeds.

Writopia Lab’s Younger Students Create at JHUMCC

CATEGORY: K-12 Outreach

Creativity can blossom at any age. Just ask the younger Writopia Lab students on the Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus. Some of the youngest participants have quite a few stories under their belts and are brainstorming about the next stories they can tell.

Students Explore Laboratory Science in Summer Research Course

CATEGORY: Academics, K-12 Outreach

High school students from around the area, and undergraduate students visiting Johns Hopkins from other universities here to take a summer lab class, spent part of their summer learning their way around the laboratory – and earning some college credit while they’re at it.

Future Engineers Mix Math, Science, Spaghetti

CATEGORY: Academics, K-12 Outreach

One day the students focused on building a circuit board that can communicate with a robot. Another day students measured the distance between buildings. And other days, they glued spaghetti together to make a bridge, hopefully strong enough to sustain at least 100 pounds.

Job-Hunting Tips from AAP's Career Services

CATEGORY: Academics

Hopkins Happenings talked with Colleen Connolly McCusker, associate director of career services for Advanced Academic Programs at the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences about tips for students seeking jobs. Here are her Top 10 tips.

Equilibrium working with ProMetic BioProduction on GMP Manufacturing Facility

CATEGORY: Tenant News

Congratulations to Jason Rifkin and his company, Equilibrium, for their work with ProMetic BioProduction.

Master of Liberal Arts Degree Slated to be Offered at JHU MCC

CATEGORY: Academics

Students working on their master’s degrees typically take courses in a specialized area. Biotechnology students focus almost exclusively on biotechnology. Physics students concentrate on physics. English literature students may focus on a particular time period.