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News: April 2013

BioSciCon on Mission to Help India with Oral Cancer Prevention

CATEGORY: Research, Featured, Tenant News

During his annual trips to visit his father’s grave in a cemetery in the former Yugoslavia, Dr. Nenad Markovic would walk into the cemetery’s candle shop and talk to the same saleswoman. Markvovic, then a young medical student, noticed something on the saleswoman’s lip that didn’t look normal. He suggested she get it checked out.

TEDCO Offers Advice to JHU MCC Entrepreneurs

CATEGORY: Research, Tenant News

The buzz in the room was electrifying. Entrepreneurs were hugging, smiling, greeting one another warmly.

TruBios Wins Award

CATEGORY: Research, Tenant News

Congratulations to Roberto Trujillo and the TruBios team for winning an award for their CERCA Solutions device.

Couple Sees Beauty in Cancer Painting

CATEGORY: The Arts, K-12 Outreach

The Goldsmith family, by any measure, has been far too affected by cancer.

King Arthur Flour Visits JHU MCC

CATEGORY: In The Community

Sure, you can buy biscuits, cinnamon rolls, pretzels and loaves of bread at the grocery store or bakery.

But what if someone took the time to show you how to bake from scratch?

MCPS Students Learn Chemistry of Bread Baking

CATEGORY: K-12 Outreach, Featured

Nearly 600 Montgomery County public school students learned the chemistry of bread baking at Johns Hopkins University.