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What’s Your Purpose?

I volunteered on the Martin Luther King Day of Service, along with some 60 other people, to paint the doors and hallways of a Boys and Girls Club in Northeast D.C. This project was one of many organized by “D.C. Cares” for this day. We were not the most skilled team, but the leaders had organized well and we knew what had to be done. My friends and I worked side-by-side with young lawyers, government workers and other professionals. Except for me and my buddies, all were recently out of school.  We chatted non-stop about our lives and work, while painting the targets as well as our faces, clothes and too much of the floor. At the end of three hours the hallway glistened and we were all smiling with satisfaction.

To me, the project was successful because it had started out in the right direction with a brief welcome by a Boys and Girls Club staff member.  In giving us the charge for the day, he didn’t say that we were going to paint doors and hallways. He said were going to beautify a facility that would motivate kids to come and learn. He didn’t give us an assignment, he gave us a purpose. That made all the difference.

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