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What's News? New Research, Gaithersburg West, Hopkins in Haiti


Interested in seeing what media coverage we've been getting for Johns Hopkins and its initiatives in Montgomery County? Well, let's see...

From The Gazette

A new strategy, weapon in the war on malaria: Bethesda nonprofit launches collaboration to develop novel vaccine

A nonprofit in Bethesda is developing a new weapon in the global vaccine arsenal against malaria. The Malaria Vaccine Initiative, which already funds efforts to develop vaccines to prevent people from contracting the deadly infection, this month announced that it is taking a novel tack in its war on malaria. The group is launching a collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore and the Sabin Vaccine Institute in Washington, D.C., to produce a new type of vaccine that would break the mosquito-human-mosquito malaria transmission cycle.  Read more.


Hopkins in Gaithersburg

In Maryland, the Montgomery County council continues to delve into zoning changes that would allow Johns Hopkins University to build a so-called Science City on a farm it owns in Gaithersburg.  Listen to the full report.

Hopkins in Haiti

Read more about what Johns Hopkins faculty, staff, doctors, and researchers are doing as part of the Haiti relief efforts.

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