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Welcome to the Hub: Carey Business School Student Lauren Drake Gets Firsthand Experience in Montgomery County’s Growing Science Community

by Aliyah DeVille

Lauren DrakeSomething big is happening in Montgomery County, and that something is the exciting growth of the science and biotechnology community. Lauren Drake, a Dallas, Texas native who moved to Washington, D.C., experienced the excitement first-hand when she interned at Human Genome Sciences in Rockville.

“I didn’t realize Montgomery County was such a center for the science and business community,” said Drake, a Global MBA student at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

Last summer, Drake worked at Human Genome Sciences (HGS), a biopharmaceutical corporation that uses the Human DNA sequence to develop protein and antibody drugs, where she was able to delve into her newfound interest in the healthcare market.

Drake previously worked as a statistical analyst and writer for the U.S. Department of Education. Around the time she decided to switch gears professionally, she saw advertisements for JHU’s Global MBA program. She fell in love with the unique way to study business and saw it as a vehicle to help her with her goal of changing careers.

“I liked that it wasn’t a stereotypical MBA program where everyone in class had a background in finance and was primarily concerned with making money,” she said. “I also appreciated the fact that the program was hands-on and focused on global issues.”

For Drake, one of the most beneficial components of the program was the Discovery to Market project during which she learned about the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) drug approval process. This first-hand experience directly correlated with her interest in the healthcare field.

For the project, Drake and a handful of other students were tasked with figuring out how to move a university employee's intellectual property from basic research to a marketable product.

The project also helped prepare her for the work she would be doing during her HGS internship, which focused on the global pharmaceutical market. While there, Drake researched various international markets for the company’s first commercial product release. The fundamentals of business she had learned at Johns Hopkins really laid the groundwork for a more meaningful experience at HGS.

While the business lessons taught in class were the most beneficial, Drake said she learned just as much from her classmates.

“The students are the most valuable part of the program,” she said. “Hopkins really focused on bringing in a diverse crowd.”

She also said the school's slogan -- “where business is taught with humanity in mind” -- rings true in every aspect of the program.

“It’s a traditional MBA program that goes the extra mile,” she added. “It’s not just about statistical questions but about what these questions mean for people.”

Drake looks forward to life after graduation next year. She hopes to continue learning more about and working in the healthcare field. She has high hopes for her classmates as well.

“I think in ten years, everyone will be blown away by what our class is doing.”

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