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Tributes to Elaine Amir

Elaine AmirJohns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus Executive Director Elaine Amir retired Sept. 30. We asked her friends, family and colleagues for thoughts about Elaine’s retirement. Here are some of the responses we received through our website:

Elaine, I arrived at Montgomery College after you had already enjoyed a successful career there and moved on to JHU, but your reputation as a great colleague was already cemented. Wishing you the very best in all that's ahead! Thanks for the many wonderful things you have done to make life better for so many in Montgomery County, and for your positive vision and steady, forward-thinking leadership. The growth of the JHU Montgomery County Campus is something you should be very proud of. Congratulations! Steve Simon

Elaine is a terrific asset to Montgomery County. She is a strong advocate for education and for bringing jobs to the County. She will be missed. Marilyn Balcombe

Elaine is a great positive addition to any committee and a great friend. Rebecca Strandberg

Elaine came into my life when I was 10 or so...She has been an incredible "mother" to me, a friend, a confidante, an amazing grandmother to my children and one of the most "sparkly" people I have ever known in my entire life. A light turns on when Elaine enters a room. Her laughter is contagious. Her heart is warm and her generosity endless. Elaine is in one word -- amazing and we love her with all of our hearts. Calanit Amir

Elaine will be remembered as the consummate professional. She was always prepared when she gave testimony before the council and elsewhere (even when we disagreed, I could appreciate her style!) and knowledgeable when we had discussions in the committee. Her input will be missed in our community. Sharon Dooley

My favorite Elaine story: Elaine was providing a tour and presentation to a foreign dignitary. We were over in the TissueGene space as she gave a PowerPoint presentation about the campus. She had the remote control in hand and was clicking to advance the slides... except she couldn't understand why there was always a delay between when she clicked to advance the slide and when it actually moved forward. The reason? The remote wasn't actually connected to the system. Instead, I was watching her, and every time she clicked to advance the slide, I would hit the button on the keyboard. Robin Ferrier

Elaine is a tireless champion for graduate programs, faculty, students and staff in Montgomery. She is a gracious host and optimist who will be remembered fondly. Catherine Rossi

Elaine, you are so special. You're always up beat and have the greatest positive attitude. You are most accomplished and multi talented! You love to sing, you love to hike and you love to travel etc etc. You are an inspiration to me and I miss you. Sandy Siman

I have always been in awe of Elaine's ability to make bridges and connect people. As a visionary in Montgomery County, Elaine's has created a new awareness for looking into the future to seize the present. Thank you, Elaine for all that you have given the students, startup companies, faculty, government colleagues, politicians, nonprofit partners, academic counterparts, and many, many others over the years. Your persistence has truly paid off and Montgomery County has been the beneficiary of your hard work. Fizie Haleem

I'm so glad I had the privilege to work with you Elaine. Wishing you the very best in your next chapter! Catherine Matthews

May your retirement be as rich and fulfilling as your career has been. Carpe diem! With love and admiration. Marilyn Bier

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