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The Perfect Workout Joins JHU Montgomery County Campus

McManus with workout equipment

Megan McManus was a wildlife biologist, working for oil companies to make sure they followed government regulations.

Eventually, “I decided I wanted a land life,” she said.

Now, she is facility manager of The Perfect Workout’s new location at the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus in Rockville. The Perfect Workout provides one-on-one personal training sessions using a variety of weight machines. The idea behind the Perfect Workout is that to be effective exercisers should complete two, 20-minute sessions each week.

That’s it.

“We really aim to keep people safe,” McManus said. “You really need time to recover and rest. We want them to have good form. You build muscle, which helps you burn more calories than when you’re resting.”

Building lean muscle helps boost metabolism.

The workout is considered a high-intensity, low-force, slow-motion method of weight training. Exercisers spend only about 90-120 seconds on each machine, using enough weight for their deep muscles to fatigue. As exercisers become better at each machine, more weights are added to increase resistance and keep heart rates up.

There are nine machines, including a leg press, chest press, bicep curl machine, abdominal machine and more.

McManus said the workout is appropriate for people with all different levels of fitness backgrounds and is safe for people with injuries and low-bone density. The method behind the program was an outgrowth of an exercise research program at University of Florida for people with osteoporosis.

The Perfect Workout is based in California. The JHU location, in Building III, opened in January and joins the approximately 35 companies located on campus. Other companies focus on scientific and medical research, health care, technology, medical device developments and more.

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