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Technology Digest Inc. Opens Doors at Montgomery County Campus

Technology Digest Inc., an information technology consulting and product development firm, has made its new home at Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus.

The firm is the brainchild of Sarah Iranpour, a first-generation immigrant to the United States from Iran. Iranpour spent years working for others in the IT field. When her son went to college, she decided to “go after my dream developing something substantial for health and medical.”

She started the company in 2006 and worked on IT projects for the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Department of State. Iranpour currently is working to develop relationships in the health and education communities, which is part of the reason she found the location at the Johns Hopkins campus appealing.

Iranpour just completed two projects, one for Montgomery County and the other for the National Institutes of Health.

For Montgomery County, her team developed the Interactive Fiscal Plan, a financial, online dashboard that allows members of the County Council and the community understand the relationship among different elements of the county’s operating budget. Users can tinker with the numbers to see how allocating more money to one part of the budget would impact other budget areas. More than 200 equations are behind the system.

For NIH, Iranpour developed an app called PerSoN. Through the interface, patients can interact with their doctors and members of their support networks, while also having access to educational material. The app is intended to be used by cancer patients as well as those suffering from addiction, mental health issues and depression.

Approximately 35 companies are located on the Montgomery County Campus. Scientists and researchers here study cervical cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, cell therapy, proteins and other health topics. Other companies focus on technology, medical devices and consulting services.



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