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Take the 2015 Biotech Workforce Survey

A note from our friends at BioBuzz:

The 2015 Biotech Workforce Survey was developed to help understand the employment, workforce and general business trends that impact the biotech workforce in our region.

Represent your company within the life science industry by participating in this comprehensive employment study. Over the last three years of the study, we have continued to increase our understanding of the specific employment factors that impact our industry here in the Mid-Atlantic region. Your participation this year will ensure that we will all gain the important information we need to continue to make smart business decisions and grow the region.

Make sure your company is represented in this year’s impact study. It is the foremost regional study on the biopharma industry, and your input is critical to collecting the most comprehensive results possible. The study covers trends in hiring, recruitment, regulatory, healthcare and other critical factors impacting HR and business decisions.

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Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus is a sponsor of BioBuzz and this survey.

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