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Steve Burrill Predicts a ‘Sea Change’ for Pharma

Steve Burrill’s most recent ‘State of the Industry’ talk given at this year’s BIO International conference in Atlanta offered a little tough love to the drug industry and raised some interesting questions about the future of personalized medicine. The Hopkins Biotech Network received a preview of this talk on the Friday before BIO and has the opportunity to speak with Mr. Burrill about his thoughts and predictions. There are over 150 slides in total, but we have broken them up and are including the first section here with the permission of Burrill and Company.

This first section discusses the impending sea change taking place in the world of pharma, why there will be more consolidation among key players in the industry, and why it’s going to be tough for early-stage therapeutics companies to secure financing on favorable terms in the future.

You can download the presentation here in powerpoint: Burrill Sea Change Slides

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