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Seen and Heard Around Campus

brni-jpg-large.jpgIt Takes Two: On-site corporate partner Blanchette Rockefeller Neurosciences Institute (BRNI) recently announced a partnership with Inverness Medical Innovations, Inc, to further develop and commercialize a diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s disease first discovered by scientists at BRNI. The BRNI test, once fully commercialized, could dramatically change the time and way that the disease is treated. The agreement also marks the first major global private sector deal involving BRNI technology and science.

• Social Norms: JHU MCC, Network Solutions, and marketing guru Mayra Ruiz, hosted their third social media event, socStardom3, with speaker Jay Berkowitz, CEO of the Ten Golden Rules talking about Web 2010: The 10 Business Strategies Defining Your Business Future. Strategies explored included:

Virtualization: People today are doing almost everything virtually… events, education, dating, business, training, employees, communications. In fact, virtual environments are becoming the de facto standard.

Free!: If you want to “get ahead” on the web, you need to make your content free.

Customer Service as Marketing Department: Companies need to think of customer service as the new marketing department. Customer service reps must be genuine, be transparent and experiment with new technologies.

The 3 E’s of social media: educate, entertain, engage To find out more about Jay, follow him on Twitter at @jayberkowitz or visit his Ten Golden Rules Presentations site at

Presentation is Everything: The Krieger School of Arts & Sciences’ Advanced Biotechnology Studies program recently held its 4th annual research symposium, drawing an audience of 120. The keynote speaker was Colonel John Skvorak, Commander, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), Fort Detrick, Frederick, MD, speaking about “Current Topics in Medical BioDefense Research.” The keynote address was followed by graduate student poster presentations.

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