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School of Education Graduate Being Featured in Montgomery County Gazette

"A few years ago, Claudia de León spent her days with a computer and cups of coffee for company while she translated Spanish for the FBI. Now she has four or five more computers, but about 125 teenagers to go with them."

So begins a September 2009 Montgomery County Gazette article about Claudia de León, a graduate of the JHU School of Education's Professional Immersion program at the university's Montgomery County Campus.

León is the subject of a multi-part series that will follow her through her first year as a Spanish teacher at Albert Einstein High School in Kensington. For the two years prior to her assuming her full-time position at Albert Einstein, León was working a teaching fellow at the school while taking classes at night to obtain a master of arts in teaching.

She did so through the university's increasingly popular two-year Professional Immersion program, through which the Montgomery County Public School system covers the cost of some tuition, books, and fees while paying students a stipend to teach as teaching fellows while taking night and weekend classes at Johns Hopkins University. Upon the program's completion, students are committed to teaching for MCPS.

Read more about León's experiences in the first two Gazette articles:

Interested in learning more about the School of Education's Professional Immersion program in Montgomery County? Come to the next Information Session on Saturday, March 13, from 10 a.m. - noon.

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