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Q&A with Artist Laurie Tylec

Laurie TylecHopkins  Happenings: Tell us about the exhibit.

Laurie Tylec:
This body of work focuses on rhythmic patterns and movement created by and found in nature.  Depicting both overlooked and fleeting moments as well as magnified biologic or geologic processes, these paintings reflect the beauty of nature waiting to be discovered.

Hopkins  Happenings: Tell us about the materials you use.

These paintings are created using the traditional medium of oil paint on canvas.  Each work combines an abstract compositional structure of nebulous surfaces with biomorphic shapes whose placement is governed by the hills and valleys of a textured surface.  Three paintings—Fallen, Droplets, and Gyrating—incorporate layers of candle smoke that add to the ephemeral quality of the changeability of nature while the remaining three—Photosynthesis, Crystallize, and Volcanic—rely solely on the manipulation of color on the surface to create twisted forms representing magnified natural processes.

Hopkins  Happenings: What do you hope someone looking at the exhibit experiences or learns from your work?

I strive to create a meaningful connection with nature in my paintings and encourage Laurie Tylec Art Pieceviewers to take time to appreciate its beauty.  By providing hints of natural phenomena through a manipulation of color, volume, and space, I intend my work to call attention to the often-overlooked occurrences in the natural world.

Hopkins  Happenings: What is your inspiration?

Tylec: Nature!  I love to discover the simple beauty of nature in plain sight or by going beneath the surface of an object to uncover its inner workings.