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Osher Welcomes Back Members for Fall Semester

The Osher fall semester kicks off Tuesday, Sept. 12 with new courses, new faculty and several special events.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, which offers non-credit classes to retired and semi-Osher members register.jpgretired adults, starts its fall semester with 36 courses and approximately 700 students at the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus. The program fosters a stimulating learning environment, lively discussions, rewarding cultural experiences and social opportunities within a university setting. Course disciplines include history, music, politics, literature, current events and art.

Classes are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The semester’s kick-off event will be held Thursday, Sept. 7, and feature remarks by Galen Stocking. Stocking will talk about how Americans get their news, and attitudes toward the news media. Stocking is a research associate at the Pew Research Center, where he studies issues related to journalism and public opinion.

New classes this semester include The History of Photography; Introduction to Astronomy; Economic Inequality; History of Modern Israel; and Film Master pieces by Akira Kurosawa.

Many popular courses will return to the Osher line up: Eleanor Clift, formerly of Newsweek magazine, will discuss the Trump presidency. Saul Lilienstein will be back to teach a course about opera. The Strathmore music series will return, with weekly concerts showcasing emerging musicians in Strathmore’s Artist in Residence program.

A course called Significant Baseball Events will review the 2017 season, Hall of Fame membership, sports injuries, collective bargaining agreements and other relevant baseball issues. For those more interested in art, a course will explore Rembrandt’s works and include a field trip to the National Gallery of Art.

The fall semester lecture series – a different guest lecturer speaks each week – addresses issues such as the Trump administration; national security; racial disparities in criminal justice; artificial intelligence; and cryptography.

On Oct. 13, Osher members can participate in a Taiwanese Theater Café event. More details will be available soon.

The semester ends Dec. 7.

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