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Observations from a Day of Moving

I asked for a skilled team for the move.  Movers who understand that all the items they relocate are valuable to me, as are the freshly-painted walls and the hardwood floors.

John, Forrest, Noah and Andrew were the crew.  John was the entrepreneur, Forrest the musician and teacher, Noah the poet and Andrew the marketer and crew chief.

“Some moving crew”, I thought.  Generally tall and lanky, they didn’t look like professional movers.  I had expected linebackers to show up in muscle shirts.  I wondered how they would lift the china closet.  That was before I noticed the piano.

Cool and coordinated, fast and upbeat, they cleared the space and carried on with encouraging words to one another.  What made up for their non-he-man appearance were their orchestrated movements and awareness of one another’s strengths.  When they hoisted the piano over the balcony and out a too-narrow doorframe, they groaned loudly.  Would one lose his grip?  They needed all four to do this job.  I couldn’t look. “Come on, baby, hold it close.”  “Lift those ‘bows higher and step to the right.  Don’t tip it, you’ll hurt the strings.  I got you covered.”  They strategized before each turn, kept their eye on the tasks and on one another.

As soon as the piano landed (safely) on the ground, Forrest played a scale and pronounced that it was still in tune. Smiles all around. “He also plays about five other instruments—really well,” said Andrew proudly.

Teamwork, trust and respect for one another made this a great team.   At the end of a long day, we were all tired, but feeling good.   I found myself humming the Paul McCartney tune, “Ebony and Ivory side by side in perfect harmony…”

It was a good experience.  All work teams should be this effective.

– Elaine

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