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Oasis Offers Fall Courses to Senior Citizens

Oasis logo.jpgThe Oasis center has a full line up of fall semester courses for senior citizens at the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus.

Oasis is a non-profit educational organization active in more than 50 cities and reaching more than 50,000 individuals each year. Its mission is to promote healthy aging through lifelong learning, active lifestyles and volunteer engagement.

Locally, the Oasis center is located inside Macy’s Home Store at Westfield Montgomery Mall and is sponsored by Suburban Hospital.

Classes are held at the main center as well as in other locations throughout the county, including at the JHU Montgomery County Campus. Students may sign up for one or more classes, most of which are one-time lectures. 

Class topics include offerings in art, music, computers, health and wellness, history and current events.

Below is a selection of some of the fall course offerings and course descriptions. A complete list, course times and registration information can be found on the Oasis website.

+ Musician Mecca: Washington, DC. While some of the greatest country, jazz, blues, swing, soul and rock songs were recorded in music meccas such as Nashville, New Orleans, New York City, Chicago and Detroit, some of the greatest artists came out of the Washington, DC area. Musician Daryl Davis will teach this course.

+ Revisiting Syria and Iraq. This lecture will focus on the actions of non-Arab states in the region that have aggravated the long-brewing problems in Syria and Iraq.  Attendees will examine the actions and policies of Russia, Turkey, Iran, Israel and the United States.  The course will be taught by Melvin Goodman of Johns Hopkins University.

+ Issue One!: Return of the McLaughlin Group. The panel will discuss how the iconic television program, The McLaughlin Group, came back on the air in January 2018.  Panelists will discuss what differentiates the program from other news programming. The discussion will also address the upcoming mid-term elections, the central issues presented, and look at what the elections mean to the direction of the country. Panelists are: Eleanor Clift, Clarence Page, Tom Rogan and Seth Rosenzweig.

+ Our Troubled News Media Ecosystem. Changes in technology, regulation and cultural habits have given us the news media we have today. The Washington Post’s media reporter surveys the current landscape and comes to a few surprising conclusions.

+ The Modern Middle East, One Century After Its Birth. The modern Middle East emerged in the aftermath of World War I. This class will examine the evolution of the states of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and provide a broad overview of the major trends that have led to dynamic change in the Middle East during the past century. The course will be taught by Captain Jeffrey R. Macris, of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.


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