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NorthwestWAN Joins JHU Montgomery County Campus

NorthwestWAN, a telecom master agent that serves as an intermediary between businesses and telecommunications companies, has joined the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus community as a campus logo.png

Annamalai Ramanathan, the company’s president, has lived in Montgomery County for several years. His wife earned her master’s degree in computer science approximately 20 years ago; she did her coursework at JHU Montgomery County Campus.

Ramanathan was born in India and studied electrical engineering in college in that country. He relocated to Connecticut to work on his master’s in computer science at University of New Haven.

“I packed my bags and came to the U.S. for opportunities and experiences and learning new culture,” Ramanathan said.

After completing his master’s degree, he moved to the Washington, D.C. area, holding a variety of computer science/ information technology positions before becoming an independent consultant. Approximately seven months ago, he acquired NorthwestWAN, a company that has been around for 20 years. Ramanathan is the company’s president.

NorthwestWAN focuses on telecommunications, and information and network security. The company is expanding into cloud services, helping other businesses set up cloud technology. Clients hire NorthwestWAN to help them set up and maintain telecommunications systems. Ramanathan and his team then consult with telecom companies and find the best pricing and packages for the clients.

NorthwestWAN has roughly 130 clients all over the country, Ramanathan said, and works with companies of all sizes. Clients, he said, include banks, universities, the state of Utah, manufacturing companies and private hospitals.

“We are the middle man with all the technical knowledge to solve your problems,” Ramanathan said.

Ramanathan said his team “manages the headache,” giving companies the opportunity to “outsource the pain point.” NorthwestWAN employs four project managers, who work off site.

Approximately 35 companies are located at the JHU Montgomery County Campus.


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