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New Tenant Lounge Opens in Building III

People in Tenant Lounge  “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

That Albert Einstein quote adorns the wall of the new tenant lounge at Johns Hopkins University’s Montgomery County Campus. The quote sets the tone for the purpose of the lounge: a place for campus tenants to hold meetings with clients, mingle with one another and exchange ideas in an informal, comfortable setting.

The lounge, located in Building III, will be a place for scientists, researchers and other tenants to embrace the entrepreneurial, collaborative spirit of the Montgomery County Campus.

The new gathering spot has 22 chairs and several tables ideal for small, intimate meetings. Tenants and their guests are welcome to bring refreshments and their laptops into the lounge.

Tenants already are giving the lounge rave reviews, saying it is an ideal spot to greet their guests and have conversations about their research.

Approximately 35 companies are located at the Montgomery County Campus. Scientists and researchers study cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, cell therapy, proteins and other health issues. Other companies focus on technology, children’s mental health, medical device development and consulting services.


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