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Meet the Artists: Tinsky and Tylec

The Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus hosts a vibrant series of ongoing arts exhibits in our 9605 Building Atrium and in the Academic & Research Building Food for Thought Café. The exhibits are under the direction of curator and artist Sherill Anne Gross.

We have two current exhibits, both running through Oct. 30. One features the work of Craig Tinsky, who focuses on hand-cut layered paper collage. That exhibit is in the 9605 Building atrium. The second exhibit showcases the work of Laurie Tylec, whose paintings focus on the interplay of color, surface, space and biomorphic forms. This exhibit is in the A/R Building cafe.

Hopkins Happenings asked the artists to answer questions about their work. Here are their responses, edited for clarity and length.

Craig Tinsky

Laurie Tylec