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Markovics Present at NCI Conference

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Drs. Olivera and Nenad Markovic presented their research and recommendations regarding  screening for cervical cancer at a January conference co-sponsored by the National Cancer Institute Center for Global Health.

The event was the National Conference on Cancer Detection, Diagnosis and Treatment Technologies. According to NCI, the conference was designed to promote “the development of low-cost, portable cancer technologies suitable for limited resource environments.”

The Markovics are the founders of BioSciCon, located on the Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus. BioSciCon, which is supported by their Global Academy for Women’s Health, is a start-up biotechnology company focused on research and development of the MarkPap technology. MarkPap is a series of in vitro diagnostic devices and procedures used in cervical cancer screenings. MarkPap is meant to detect early lesions that could develop into cervical cancer.

It is bio-marker based, telemedicine empowered, and designed to be affordable and accessible in developing countries.

At the NCI conference, the Global Academy presented a review called “Meeting WHO Recommendations for Cervical Cancer Screenings in Developing Countries.” Dr. Olivera Markovic said she talked about her research in China and India, the importance of telemedicine and the lack of trained technicians, pathologists and other specialists in developing countries.

The Markovics are targeting parts of the world that do not have access to high-quality medical institutions and doctors. They want their technology to be simple enough for low-trained medical personnel in low-resource areas to use. Pap tests are often too expensive and complicated for use in many parts of the world.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 528,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year, mostly in less-developed regions.

Also at the NCI conference, BioSciCon presented a slide show called “Changing Bioactivity of Live Cancer Cells in Vitro.” Dr. Nenad Markovic said he talked about how he has simplified a technology that had been developed years ago to screen molecules for their bioactive properties in search of new anticancer therapies.




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