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Langer Pens Chapter for Biotech Book

Photo of Lynn LangerLynn Johnson Langer has written a chapter for a textbook geared toward readers who want to learn about leadership and business management in the biotechnology field.

Langer’s chapter, “Characteristics of Successful Biotechnology Leaders,” was published in Biotechnology Entrepreneurship: Starting, Managing and Leading Biotech Companies. The book was edited by Craig Shimasaki.

Langer, director of the Enterprise and Regulatory Science Programs at the Johns Hopkins Center for Biotechnology Education, teaches at the Montgomery County Campus.

In her writing, Langer focused on the challenges faced by leaders of biotechnology companies and how they differ from other business leaders. They must balance their innate desire to help humanity, she said, with the reality of running a business and the financial pressures involved with developing and commercializing a biotech product.

“I hope readers learn that successful biotech leaders must learn to adapt to rapidly changing environments,” Langer said. “Running a lab is different from running a startup, and running a mid-size company is vastly different from all of these. People must re-evaluate what they believe to be success and what it means to them personally. Some find starting a company is the most rewarding, and these people find success as serial entrepreneurs. Decide what part of the commercialization process works best for you.”

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