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Kalb Brothers Share Journalism Experiences with Osher

Kalb BrothersBernard and Marvin Kalb spent their journalism careers covering many of the most significant events in mid-20th century American history, including the Cuban missile crisis, the Vietnam War and President Nixon’s visit to China.

Millions of Americans were accustomed to seeing Bernard and Marvin Kalb on their television screens, delivering the day’s news.

Now the Kalb brothers are bringing their stories to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Johns Hopkins University, where they are teaching a six-week course at the Montgomery County Campus.

“A lot of these people have seen us on television,” Marvin Kalb said of Osher students. “They might romanticize our role in some of these things. People think they know us. They don’t. We will introduce ourselves through our sharing of stories in the Cold War.”

The Kalb brothers said they will focus their discussions on Cold War-related events from 1945 through 1991. During classes, they are showing TV footage of their coverage. The brothers said they expect their anecdotes to evoke memories for the Osher students, from the fear of hiding under desks during air raid drills to the joy of the Cold War coming to a close.

“We are thrilled to have these outstanding journalists with us at Osher,” said Mary Kay Shartle Galotto, JHU’s Osher director. “Marvin and Bernard Kalb are particularly appealing to our Osher members, since the events, conflicts and crises of the past 70 years are ones that this audience has shared and can recall.  It is a wonderful opportunity to remember and re-live critical times, as well as to learn the back stories and hear the personal experiences of two distinguished reporters who were there as history was unfolding.”

The Kalb brothers said they appreciate the opportunity.

 “I would like to pay my respects to the people who show up here,” Marvin Kalb said. “I have enormous respect for people who at that age want to learn and open up to new experiences.”

Montgomery College students are videotaping the classes. The footage will be show on the Montgomery College Channel next year.