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JHU Montgomery County Campus Hosts Colores Gallery Night

~ Ten Artists. Five Musicians. One Noble Cause. ~


On May 6, the Montgomery County Campus hosted the Hispanic Business Foundation’s second-annual Colores Gallery Night.

The event, which drew 75 attendees, was a fundraiser for the foundation’s Partnership Youth Initiative, an internship and mentoring program for disadvantaged high school students.

The gala featured art from 10 local Latino artists and music from five local Latino musicians.

Featured artists were: Carlos Barrera, Fausto R. Bayonet, Martha Campos, Marcela Dorantes, Dolores Gomez-Bustillo, Claudia Marticorena, Susanna Nemes, Rene Pedraza, Maria del Pilar Ortiz, and Sara Sittig. Featured musicians were Billy Castillo, Pamela Duran, Georgio and the DC Mambo, and Jaime Paredes.

Lieutenant Governor Anthony G. Brown delivered the evening’s keynote address and Montgomery County Councilmember Nancy Navarro provided the Art Exhibition Opening Remarks.

"This was such a well done, well attended event with a great mix of artists, officials from the Hispanic business community, and other members of the community," said Howard Covin, Deputy Director, Johns Hopkins Montgomery County. "It was just an overall fun, enjoyable evening for a very worthy cause."

“Supporting this event by donating our gallery space was an easy decision,” said Elaine Amir, Executive Director, Johns Hopkins Montgomery County. “Our campus’ unofficial motto is ‘on the ground, in and of the community,’ and this event is another opportunity to show how invested Johns Hopkins is in the community, its children, and its future. We truly appreciate the opportunity to support this amazing Hispanic Business Foundation program.”

The COLORES art exhibit will remain on display in the 9605 Building Atrium through May 31.

Media coverage about the event:

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County Council member Nancy Navarro and                   Poet/Songwriter Jaime Paredes, Maria

artist Fausto R. Bayonet                                                Rodriguez, and Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown


All Photos Courtesy Epic Media 7. Used with permission of Lorna Virgili


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