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JHU MCC Welcomes Montgomery County High School Students for Business Program


On Monday October 25, the campus hosted a group of high school students from Montgomery County Public Schools on campus for a Team Car Business event. The program was sponsored by the Montgomery County Public Schools Office of Curriculum and Instructional Programs and included teams of 6-7 members each from county high schools, including Gaithersburg High School.

The program had students participating in a high impact business simulation, where teams compete against each other in a car manufacturing industry. The ‘employees’ of each car division had to plan their Critical Business Inputs (Staff, Time, Resources, Information and Processes) to maximize profit -- as the least profitable division is to be closed down. During the program, participants gained an understanding of the Key Business Drivers (Quality, Volume & Cost), their relationship to one another and their impact on profitability. In addition, participants experienced how individual and team contributions have a direct correlation to a division’s profitability and sustainable competitive advantage.

The program was created by Team Business, a Baltimore-based organization that creates programming for students and professionals.


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CATEGORY: K-12 Outreach