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JHU Graduate Locates His Law Practice on Montgomery County Campus

Arthur Antonelli graduated from Johns Hopkins University with his master’s degree in environmental engineering in 2003.

Now, he has located his law practice to the Montgomery County Campus – the very campus where he took his classes.

“That was one of the main reasons I chose this space,” Antonelli said. “It felt like coming home.”

Antonelli grew up in the area and graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. He worked for an engineering consulting firm, focusing on wastewater treatment systems and stormwater management systems.

While he was working on his master’s degree at Hopkins, he took a course on environmental law. After the first class, he realized he was interested in pursuing the legal side of engineering.

“A lot of times, engineers come on at the end of the process,” Antonelli said. “I was intrigued by the debate that goes on in the front end.”

He attended George Washington University Law School and developed an interest in patent law. He worked at firms in New York and Philadelphia before starting his own practice in 2010.

With his background in engineering – with a particular interest in water chemistry and water treatment – Antonelli now works on patent infringement actions involving water pollution control technologies, semiconductor devices and fabrication, consumer electronics, nanotechnology, chemistry and biotechnology. His work touches on areas as diverse as patents for medical devices for wound care, firearms technology and retractable wall systems.

Antonelli also helps clients with patent applications and patent litigation. He has prepared patentability studies, product clearance investigations and other patent opinions. His clients are located all over the country and abroad, including in Israel and Argentina.

The Law Office of Arthur M. Antonelli is one of approximately 35 tenants at the JHU Montgomery County Campus.

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