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JHU Celebrates Class of 2016

daniels speaks at graduation 2016

Johns Hopkins University celebrated its 2016 graduates—more than 7,500 of them, including about 1,500 undergraduate students—at the universitywide commencement ceremony.

After 13 years at Homewood Field on the university's Homewood campus, the event moved this year to Royal Farms Arena in downtown Baltimore—a well-timed venue change during what has been an especially rainy month in the region.

JHU President Ronald J. Daniels noted that this year's graduates attended Johns Hopkins during a time of considerable social upheaval, in Baltimore and beyond.

"You have been here at a time when the national and local conversation has been framed by urgent and probing issues of race, class, politics, and justice—all issues that at their core are about the complex nature of human experience and perspective, and the institutions that shape, embody, and perpetuate that complexity," he said. "Sometimes we confront this complexity in people and institutions at some distance. But more often, we do so in very personal ways."

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