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High-Speed Data Transfer Services Point of Presence Located on Campus

Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) announces the addition of a second point of presence (PoP) under the Double HELIX (Health, Education, Life Sciences, and Internet eXchange) family, located at the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus in Rockville, Maryland. Like its predecessor at the Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research, the new PoP offers high-speed big data transfer services through a 100 Gbps-capable networking infrastructure to the surrounding life sciences research community.

This new addition to Double HELIX offers genomics and life sciences researchers yet another channel to MAX’s advanced research network services, enabling direct and efficient communication and collaboration across the region. The PoP, which enables the high-speed transfer of large data sets, is also highly scalable. The flexible infrastructure is able to support multiple 100 Gbps networking connections to meet varied scientist and researcher requirements.

“The two Double HELIX PoPs together provide unique flexibility when bringing high-performance cyber services to MAX participants,” said Tripti Sinha, Executive Director of MAX. “This innovative and robust infrastructure supports critical genomics and life sciences research across the mid-Atlantic region, facilitating studies that could eventually lead to scientific breakthroughs.”

The new Double HELIX PoP uses Fujitsu technologies to run multiple 100 Gbps services that support the MAX dense wavelength division multiplexing regional footprint. MAX relies on these advanced optical technologies as the base for its network footprint in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

In the past, scientists relied on traditional mail services to deliver discs containing large data sets. However, the new Double HELIX PoPs offer orders of magnitude greater levels of service and efficiency, enabling the timely transfer of big data and access to high-performance MAX networking, compute, and storage services.

“The launch of the second Double HELIX PoP at Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus is consistent with our institution’s commitment to research and discovery and its quest to remain on the cutting edge of data transfer,” said Leslie Ford Weber, Interim Executive Director of Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus. “The PoP provides access to advanced resources, which will help scientists on our campus and the research community as a whole. As research evolves, the need for advanced infrastructure evolves. The Double HELIX PoP certainly puts us at the forefront of technological change.”

The second PoP also provides a unique opportunity for collaboration between MAX and Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus to effectively and efficiently advance research through innovative networking technologies.

“Johns Hopkins has a rich history in the promotion and advancement of high-speed networking for research activities,” said Dean Zarriello, Chief Network Officer for Johns Hopkins University and Hospital. “MAX and JHU are long-time partners and working together to leverage common resources to advance scientific research makes perfect sense.”

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