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High School Art Show Captures a Moment in Time

High School Art Show

A man examining his watch. A typhoon ravaging a town.

A little girl running through the sprinklers.

An empty swing. A football play. Dancing in the streets.

These are some of the images Montgomery County high school students depicted when asked to come up with an art piece that fits the theme “a moment in time.” (photo gallery of winners)

For the eighth year, Johns Hopkins University’s Montgomery County Campus is hosting an annual art show featuring the work of young artists and photographers. Students from 16 of the county’s public high schools submitted to the competition more than 140 2-D art pieces and more than 150 photographs. Jurors selected approximately 40 art pieces and approximately 40 photographs to be showcased in the exhibit. Nine students won prizes for their original work.

The competing artists, selected by their high school art teachers, were each given a canvas in October. The entries were due in January. The canvases were donated by the Rockville location of Plaza Arts, an artist material and picture framing company.

Hundreds of parents, students and community residents gathered for the opening of the exhibit, which will be on display through April 1 in the lobby of the campus’ 9605 Building. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

Jurists gave top marks to works that displayed strong technical ability. Pieces also had to creatively reflect the “moment in time” theme.

The names of winning students were announced at the January opening reception. Below is a list of winners and comments about the works from Sherill Anne Gross, the exhibit’s curator.

DSCN2067.JPG2-D Art:

  • 1st Place: Moment in the Street by Nora Manzella from Visual Arts Center at Albert Einstein High School. The composition really makes this piece stand out and there was a real attention in detail while setting the scene. All the little details were thought of in terms of setting the scene in this work and you can easily imagine walking down this street on a cold December night.
  • 2nd Place: Yesterday by Katharine Threat from Quince Orchard High School. This piece has such a strong visual impact. When looking at this piece, the viewer questions is this a happy moment or a sad one? It is easy to put yourself into the moment.
  • 3rd Place: Wish Upon a Lantern by Ameena Fareeda from Albert Einstein High School. The lantern details in this work are quite beautiful. The piece has such as energy to it. The jurors felt they were present with the crowd of people releasing the lanterns.
  • Honorable Mention: The Great Wave: Typhoon Haiyan by Maria Beteta from Northwest High School. This was such a clever way to create something different using the canvas. The artist combined techniques to highlight texture and depth in depicting the typhoon.
  • Honorable Mention: Longing by Kelly Boyer from Damuscus High School. This piece is technically beautiful. The painting style and off-set composition are highlights of this piece.
  • Honorable Mention: Dodging and Explosion by Shanshan Jin from Richard Montgomery High School. This wonderful combination of painting style, composition and subject makes this piece a standout. This is another work that really captured a moment.


  • 1st Place:  Innocence by Mina Garagozlo from Quince Orchard High School. This photo really captured a moment. There is such life to the photo and really fit this year's theme.
  • 2nd Place:  The Market Life by Christina Vezzi from Winston Churchill High School. This is a really strong image - both in composition and in technical merit. It is a strong photo.
  • 3rd Place:  Home Alone by Bill Wu from Winston Churchill High School. This photo offers a whimsical approach to the theme; it made us smile.



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