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HBN welcomes new leadership: Leaving words from the former president

When you first come to Hopkins as an international student and visit the Homewood or the Medical Campus, you are filled with pride and awe. You can’t help but to stare at the famous dome or other prominent Johns Hopkins mementos that remind you of the great minds who live and work here. But what you fail to realize until much later is that Johns Hopkins is the most decentralized and geographically challenged university in the United States.

In my mind, I wondered: How on earth will I meet people? How do I get connected?

After an exhaustive search into possible opportunities, an email from the Hopkins Biotech Network (HBN) came knocking at my inbox door. It was February 2008, and I attended my first HBN event…and I was hooked.

I took leadership of HBN in April 2008, full of ideas and ready to make a difference. Most importantly, I yearned to meet people who shared my passion for biotechnology,and were willing to discuss it over a few drinks.

As a ship cannot navigate without a crew, I used my convincing skills to persuade a team of amazing studentsfrom different campuses, to join me in “connecting’ Hopkins. Not only were they instrumental in achieving HBN’s success, I just could not have done it without them.

After two years, 25 events, and many many happy hours, I feel very proud of what HBN has accomplished. We not only increased HBN’s positioning within the Maryland biocommunity, but we also organized the first Johns Hopkins International Biotech Conference that the State of Maryland ever had.

A lot of people ask me what I, personally, got out of HBN. I got received knowledge, experience, contacts, references, a career – , but and most important of all; true friends. Would I do it all over again? You bet your bottom dollar. And I wouldn’t change a thing…mistakes and all.

But as all good things must come to an end, and I have graduated, it is now time for me to pass the buck. I would like to formally introduce HBN’s new President: Lauren Nelson.

Lauren has been part of HBN since I took office; she is driven, focused and full of beans,a true woman in bio. It is my belief that success is not measured by where you get to in life but by what you leave behind. I am confident that under Lauren’s leadership, HBN will continue to thrive, helping others get connected to Maryland’s biocommunity.

My leaving words? Opportunity favors those whoare bold and know how to recognize it; don’t let opportunity pass you by…

Get Connected. Connect with HBN.

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