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Hands-On Experiments for Gaithersburg Cub Scouts (WUSA 9 Video)

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Ch 9 cub scouts

By Mike Hydeck
WUSA Ch. 9

Hands on science experiments with real scientists, an amazing opportunity for some Gaithersburg Maryland Cub Scouts.

The members of troop 1761 got a chance to extract the DNA from a strawberry during their trip to the Johns Hopkins University Wet Lab in Rockville. And did you know, humans have 2 copies of all their chromosomes but strawberries have 8?

That's just one the things they leaned from Dr. Chris Obom.But their favorite part of the trip was pulling a part an Owl pellet. What's an Owl pellet?

"An owl pellet is basically a whole bunch of fur and bones and feathers that an owl's body just can't digest" says Cub Scout Patrick.The students say hands on experiments are much more fun than just hearing teachers talk about the topic.

The parents who came along for the trip agreed they said they've never seen the den of scouts so focused and engaged.

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