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Graduating Student Profiles

Every year, thousands of students graduate from the Johns Hopkins University, donning caps and gowns and smiles. Behind the pomp and circumstance, though, is a student who has persevered, who has studied hard and who has balanced school with family and financial responsibilities.

That is perhaps even truer for the graduates of Johns Hopkins who studied at the Montgomery County Campus. These students are graduate students taking classes part-time, in the evening. Nearly all of them have the demands of full-time jobs during the day, and families to come home to at night. Yet they manage to juggle grueling master’s degree programs as well.

Meet two students who have balanced it all – and took unusual paths along the way:

Matt Pietras, M.S. in business administration from the Carey School of Business and M.S. in biotechnology from the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Vicki Fabiyi, M.S. in education, focus on counseling, from the School of Education

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