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Find a Research Study at Johns Hopkins

Many people might consider participating in research but do not know how to find studies that are right for them.  The Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research helps connect people with research opportunities.

Trials@Hopkins is a searchable online database of the clinical research that is taking place right now at Johns Hopkins.  Trials@Hopkins can point you to a study that is looking for research participants just like you. 

Suburban Hospital, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, in Bethesda also conducts research trials.

Suburban Hospital has a long-standing commitment to clinical research to advance the quality of care for the people of its community. The hospital conducts extensive studies in basic and clinical services and is currently engaged in more than 80 clinical trials. You can view all of the studies that are actively enrolling patients in the research section of the Suburban Hospital website, which include a link to the full description of the trial and the criteria to participate. Suburban Hospital is currently recruiting patients to participate in the following studies:

  • Oncology
    Numerous clinical trials for cancer patients
  • Cardiovascular
    Research advances care for cardiac patients
  • Neuroscience
    Clinical trials for stroke and other neurological disorders
  • NHLBI Imaging
    Advanced cardiovascular imaging, including MRI
  • Nursing
    Patients benefit from studies of evidence-based care practices
  • Miscellaneous
    Ongoing research on a wide range of medical conditions

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