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EpidStat Institute Becomes Part of JHU MCC Family

EpidStat Institute, a company that provides epidemiological services to clients across the globe, joined the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus on Sept. 1.

Jon FryzekEpidStat co-founder and epidemiologist Jon Fryzek said he is excited to join the Montgomery County campus and was attracted by “the idea of an entrepreneurial spirit, the potential for collaboration and the interest in the development of biotech and drug development” at Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus.

With the addition of EpidStat, more than 30 companies are part of the Montgomery County Campus, with scientists and researchers studying cervical cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, cell therapy, proteins and other health issues. Other companies focus on technology, children’s mental health, medical devices and consulting services.

Epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinates diseases in people, places and time. EpidStat supports drug discovery and development, helps clients understand potential drug safety issues associated with their therapies and helps clients understand the scope of the market for a particular drug.

EpidStat’s work focuses on several areas, including pharmacoepidemiology; occupational epidemiology; and environmental epidemiology.

Pharmacoepidemiology is the study of the effects of drugs on people. Occupational epidemiology is the study of how conditions in workplaces can cause disease. Environmental epidemiology is the study of how environmental factors can cause or protect against disease.

The proximity of biotechnology companies to Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus is appealing, Fryzek said, as much of his work supports smaller companies.

EpidStat’s headquarters are in Ann Arbor, Mich. The company collaborates with the University of Michigan and Aarhus University in Denmark as well as researchers at five medical centers with access to highly detailed electronic medical records. EpidStat has 12 employees; Fryzek will be the lone one in Montgomery County.

Fryzek, who lives in Gaithersburg, said he looks forward to collaborating with other researchers on campus.

From EpidStat Institute provides scientific expertise related to health issues, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and environmental chemicals. Our target clientele include companies and groups needing expert assistance, evaluation of complex health issues, and assistance with the conduct and interpretation of epidemiological studies.


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