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Eight New Companies Join JHU Montgomery County Campus

The following eight companies have joined our campus community within the past few months. Welcome! We look forward to hearing more about your work.

Blissett School Logo The Blissett School: A private, independent school that offers a STEM curriculum to first- and second-grade students. Blissett also conducts weekend camp programs focusing on art, engineering, math, science, robotics and electronics.


Domain Healthcare logo Domaine Healthcare: A global business development company for product registration and commercialization. Domaine represents 15 pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medicine companies and is currently working on a project to bring the BioDerm Sciences Wound Management System to the Middle East to help the Saudi Arabian military with wound care.

icare triangle ICARE:Creates partnerships for new research and dialogue among patients, physicians and cancer researchers by increasing the flow of new, life-saving therapy information to cancer patients and their doctors. Dr. W. David Hankins is chairman of ICARE and is affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. A company that provides high-quality, focused, user-friendly cancer information to patients as well as physicians on an ongoing, personalized basis.


MICIA Technologies LogoMICIA Technologies: MICIA offers computer network and share-hosting support. The company has servers on our campus. helps companies set up computer systems and trains employees by focusing on system infrastructure, networks and maintenance.


Perceptive Navigation logo Perceptive Navigation:A medical device start-up company whose chief executive is a Johns Hopkins cardiologist, Dr. Ted Abraham. The company works to commercialize the Vu-Cath, an image-guided catheter, located on a needle, that can be used in complex surgeries, particular on smaller areas of the body.

Potomac Affinity Proteins LogoPotomac Affinity Proteins: A company founded by Phil and Bonnie Bryan, Potomac Affinity Proteins studies proteins and looks for ways to develop diagnostic systems. Researchers develop proteases for use in life science research, in medical diagnostics, in biodefense and in therapeutics.


Joana Rosario logo Rosario et al A consulting company run by Joana Rosario, a specialist in biomedical research development. Rosario consults for biotechnology companies and venture capitalists. She serves on BioHealth Innovation’s Commercial Relevance Advisory Board.

Worldwide Health Systems logo World Wide Health Systems: Brings medical devices and medicine developed in the United States to the Middle East and Africa. The company, run by Magdi Hassanein, also organizes international seminars and seeks international funding for research in the United States.


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