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EEPEX Joins JHU Montgomery County Campus

EEPEX, an information technology consulting and services firm that specializes in connecting government purchasers with vendors, is joining the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus this fall.

EEPEX, or Efficient EProcurement Exchange, joins the roster of more than 30 companies at the Montgomery County Campus. Companies focus on IT, disease research, cell therapy, proteins, medical devices and consulting services.

Photo of Bryan Hill EEPEX Vice President Bryan Hill said his company was drawn to Johns Hopkins Montgomery County by word-of-mouth. When looking to relocate his office from Bethesda, Hill said he spoke with friend Magdi Hassanein of World Wide Health Systems, a longtime partner at the Montgomery County Campus. Hill said Hassanein spoke highly of the location, and “people in Montgomery County said you should really check out this place.”

EEPEX is a public procurement solutions company, focusing on bid management, database management, and the management of minority and green business certifications. The goal of the company is to make the public procurement process as simple and efficient as possible. A priority is to ensure even small businesses know about requests for proposals at large government agencies.

“Montgomery County is very small-business friendly,” Hill said. “We really want to help the small-business community compete. That’s really the goal. Montgomery County is really welcoming to that.”

EEPEX works closely with Montgomery County government, Montgomery County Public Schools, Montgomery College and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, among other entities. EEPEX’s online solicitation management system is electronic in a move to eventually eliminate the reams of paperwork that often accompany the bidding process.

Most of EEPEX’s clients are public agencies, but large, private companies also would make strong clients, Hill said.

Hill’s business partner is Colin Dalzell. EEPEX also has nine consultants on board.

“We want to help vendors get across the finish line,” Hill said. “We try to keep it simple and transparent and really transform the public procurement process.”

Hill said he looks forward to joining the JHU MCC community. He already likes the campus’s central location, size and free parking.

“I feel there could be better networking opportunities,” Hill said. “Maybe some networking opportunities can turn into some business opportunities. That would be huge for us. We’re always looking to grow.”

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