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County Leaders Talk Transportation


left to right: Swain-Staley, Garagiola, Alperson, Fadden, Knapp, and Parsons


A panel of County leaders came together on September 29 to discuss transportation issues in the County and the State. Sponsored by 270INC and the Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce -- and hosted by Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus -- the transportation roundtable covered everything from funding for the CCT and the Purple Line to the gas tax to the importance of not allowing the need for mass transit options to overshadow the importance of road projects.

Panelists included:

  • Beverly Swain-Staley, Maryland Secretary of Transportation
  • Maryland State Senator Robert Garagiola
  • Montgomery County BRAC Coordinator Phil Alperson
  • Lisa Fadden, Vice President of Public Affairs, Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce and Board Member for the CCT Coalition
  • Montgomery County Councilmember Mike Knapp
  • Rich Parsons, Parsons & Associates

One of the highlights from the panel's discussion came from Fadden who said, "We need to look at how congestion impacts job growth. We know that companies are moving to Frederick because their employees live there and don't want to drive down 270. We need to prioritize projects that would make room for job growth."

Parsons seconded Fadden's sentiment, adding, "We do not have time to waste anymore. We are out of time. We have spent decades planning and studying. Now we need to find the money to do something."

For more about this panel, check out the December/January issue of 270INC or read the Gazette's article.


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