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Commencement 2018: 'We are Counting on You'

president daniels at podium.jpgRemarks as prepared for Johns Hopkins University President Ronald J. Daniels for delivery at the universitywide commencement ceremony on May 24, 2018.

To our honorary degree recipients, alumni, and trustees, to our faculty and staff, to our parents, family members and friends; and most especially to our graduates, welcome to the Johns Hopkins University commencement for the great Class of 2018!

I'll confess, I look forward to graduation every year as a moment to celebrate the many successes of our students.

Your transformation from timid first-years sneaking Chipotle into Brody to proud seniors striding in, burritos aloft, mid-bite.

Your persistence in offloading your Iggy tickets to this day!

And your domination of meme wars with an unnamed Midwestern university.

Yes, your tremendous personal achievements are on full display today.

But today, as you know, is not just about you. MORE

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