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Advocating for Children, Families with Mental Health Needs

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Sandra Spencer jokes about becoming a regular visitor to the White House. But the reason for her four trips in roughly six months is nothing but serious: to talk to President Obama and his advisers about children’s mental health.

TruBios Partner Elected to National Academy of Sciences

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Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato was elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States. Bagnato invented the Cerca device with Roberto Trujillo, chief executive of TruBios, a biotech company located on the Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus.

BioSciCon on Mission to Help India with Oral Cancer Prevention

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During his annual trips to visit his father’s grave in a cemetery in the former Yugoslavia, Dr. Nenad Markovic would walk into the cemetery’s candle shop and talk to the same saleswoman. Markvovic, then a young medical student, noticed something on the saleswoman’s lip that didn’t look normal. He suggested she get it checked out.

TEDCO Offers Advice to JHU MCC Entrepreneurs

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The buzz in the room was electrifying. Entrepreneurs were hugging, smiling, greeting one another warmly.

TruBios Wins Award

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Congratulations to Roberto Trujillo and the TruBios team for winning an award for their CERCA Solutions device.

TruBios Helps Fill Education Gap

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Salim Munoz already has a medical degree. Educated in Mexico, he could be focusing on his specialty: neurosurgery. Instead, he packed his bags and headed to Johns Hopkins University in Montgomery County.

Eight New Companies Join JHU Montgomery County Campus

CATEGORY: Research, Featured, Tenant News

The following eight companies have joined our campus community within the past few months. Welcome!

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