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News: Meeting of the Minds

A Second Glance

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I went to the Jon Stewart Rally to Restore Sanity on the National Mall October 30th.  Ah, it was glorious to be standing (no room to sit—anywhere) amongst thousands of high-spirited, but polite and “gentle people,” half of whom were probably on the same Mall in the 60’s and 70’s for other rallies.  Attendees carried [...]

Because You Can

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I joined a crowd of some 500 people on the National Mall on a recent Sunday morning to participate in the annual Walk to Defeat ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”).
Most of the attendees marched as part of a team. I was with the Walk for Mark team to honor a current ALS [...]

Good News!

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I smiled the other night after glancing through the Metro section of the Post before dozing off. Often, reading the news before falling asleep can cause nightmares. But that particular night, there was actually some good news.
Beyond the stories about a man dying for five hours on the Metro, unnoticed; beyond the man who swindled [...]

“I’m back…”

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I got a call the other day from my best friend since 3rd grade telling me that she is alive and getting well in New York.
“I’ve been gone for ten days, but I’m back,” she said. “Do you know where I am?”
I was overjoyed to hear her voice and to realize that she had dialed [...]

What’s Your Purpose?

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I volunteered on the Martin Luther King Day of Service, along with some 60 other people, to paint the doors and hallways of a Boys and Girls Club in Northeast D.C. This project was one of many organized by “D.C. Cares” for this day. We were not the most skilled team, but the leaders had organized well and we knew what had to be done. My friends and I worked side-by-side with young lawyers, government workers and other professionals. Except for me and my buddies, all were recently out of school. We chatted non-stop about our lives and work, while painting the targets as well as our faces, clothes and too much of the floor. At the end of three hours the hallway glistened and we were all smiling with satisfaction.

No experience is off limits for a business connection. So, stay alert.

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Last week, we sold our house after eight agonizing months on the market. Today was the closing. As you can imagine, despite my day job, the last thing on my mind was FDA regulations for biotech product development.
I got to the meeting early and met the man who is buying our house. He was in [...]

Observations from a Day of Moving

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I asked for a skilled team for the move. Movers who understand that all the items they relocate are valuable to me, as are the freshly-painted walls and the hardwood floors.

John, Forrest, Noah and Andrew were the crew. John was the entrepreneur, Forrest the musician and teacher, Noah the poet and Andrew the marketer and crew chief.