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Bloomberg Public Health Professor Talks to Oasis Students about Gun Violence

CATEGORY: Academics, Research

JHU Bloomberg School of Public Health professor talks to Oasis participants about gun violence in America.

Trump's proposed budget cuts imperil 'health of the nation,' Johns Hopkins president says

CATEGORY: Academics, Research

Federal budget cuts proposed by the Trump administration would threaten critical biomedical research at Johns Hopkins and at research institutions across the country, limit access to higher education, and ultimately put at risk "the long-term health of the nation," Johns Hopkins University President Ronald J. Daniels said in a statement.

Unearthing History with Sarah Anzick

CATEGORY: Academics

Sarah Anzick, a researcher for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases – and a former JHU Biotechnology instructor, will be the keynote speaker at this year's research symposium. A truly remarkable discovery was found on her family’s property in Montana in 1968: ancient human remains, later found to be thousands of years old.

High School Summer Course: Applications of Precision Medicine in Public Health

CATEGORY: Academics, K-12 Outreach

High school students this summer can learn about one of the hottest and perhaps most transformative approaches in modern medicine: precision health.

Osher and Suburban Team Up on Course for Senior Citizens

CATEGORY: Academics, In The Community

During the spring semester, students in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute will be able to learn directly from medical professionals about cutting-edge research in a variety of fields.

At Your Service, Mr. President

CATEGORY: Academics, In The Community

Alan DeValerio, a former White House butler, describes his experiences to students in Oasis. Oasis offers courses to senior citizens at the JHU Montgomery County Campus and elsewhere in Montgomery County.

JHU Launches Master of Science in Individualized Genomics and Health

CATEGORY: Academics

Johns Hopkins University is launching a new Master of Science in Individualized Genomics and Health. Individualized genomics, sometimes referred to as personalized or precision medicine, is a rapidly expanding area of research and applied science that is expected to see significant job growth in coming years.

Spicer Joins Master's in Biotechnology Program

CATEGORY: Academics

Olivia Spicer is the new faculty program coordinator for the master’s in Biotechnology program, a degree offered by the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences Advanced Academic Programs.

Osher Starts Spring Semester

CATEGORY: Academics

In a few weeks, the campus will be buzzing again with senior citizens ready to tackle a new set of courses. The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, which offers non-credit classes to retired and semi-retired adults, starts its spring semester on Feb. 21, with 34 classes and approximately 800 students at the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus.

Longtime Senator Barbara Mikulski joins Johns Hopkins faculty

CATEGORY: Academics

Barbara A. Mikulski, the longest-serving woman in the history of Congress and Maryland's longest-tenured U.S. senator, joins the Johns Hopkins University as a professor of public policy and adviser to the university's president.

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