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Campus Hosts First Solo Show for Local Photographer David Chisham


What happens when you give a repressed photographer a fancy new camera and some creative license? Apparently, great things, if local photographer David Chisham is any indication.

In 2008, after more than 15 years of hardly touching a camera, Rockville pastor David Chisham rediscovered his love of photography, from camera to print. Since then, he’s been honing his craft through personal projects as well as work for Johns Hopkins University, The American Center for Puccini Studies, the Rockville Christian Church, and friends and family.

Now, Chisham is exhibiting his photography at the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus in a show he titled Latent Development.

Latent Development is the first solo show for Chisham, who is the pastor at the Rockville Christian Church, and is only the second time his work has been exhibited publicly.

“As a teenager, I learned traditional black and white photography and fell in love with the photography of the early and mid-20th century,” said Chisham. “Though my education and career choices took me far from the camera, I am thrilled to have photography as an important part of my life again.”

Chisham rediscovered his passion while working to design creative programs for his church services, and cites his congregants as important patrons, supporting and encouraging him and enjoying his art.

“Early on, my quest was for beautiful pictures,” Chisham said, “but now, as I have begun to master the technical aspects, my quest is for a spiritual experience through the camera. Rather than making pretty pictures, I am learning to photograph the subtle, spiritual world around me.”

Latent Development will be on display until June 16 in the 9605 Building Atrium at the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus, 9601-9605 Medical Center Drive, Rockville, MD.

Pictures from the Latent Development show are available for purchase.