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Campus Hosts 600 Seventh Grade Students for Hands-on Science

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and while that’s definitely true in the case of Frontiers in Science and Medicine Day in the Shady Grove Life Sciences Center (see photo collage below), we also think the seventh grade students who participated had some important words to share about their day.

Frontiers-2011-V2.jpg"I did enjoy the trip because it gives me possibilities for what I want to do in the future." – Marvin N.

“[Frontiers] was really fun and all the stuff we did was interesting." – Lilian M.

“I learned while I was having fun” – Alyssa

“There were a lot of hands-on projects and I think when students do hands-on experiments, they tend to learn better.” – Madison W.

“I was intrigued by all of the different laboratories and demonstrations I was involved in.” – Sunflower S.

“We got to work with professionals!” – Vineet M.

“It was super cool and interesting to see what these people do for a living.” – Camryn M.

“It was really interesting to experience science outside of science class.” – Sam K.

“I saw the coolest thing I’ve ever seen [at the Sanaria lab].  It was where you put a filled balloon into liquid nitrogen and take it out and it inflates again.” – Lauren L.


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