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Biotech Enterprise Students Present Recommendations for Biotech Companies

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Submitted By Eric Langer, instructor, Practicum in Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Students in the practicum course of the Masters in Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship program recently participated in the inaugural Online Presentation Competition. The students in the Spring 2014 capstone class showed off their work. Teams of students worked with clients at biotechnology companies during the semester to resolve current business issues. The presentations gave the teams the opportunity to make compelling cases for their recommendations.

The winning team worked on a project called Accelerating Clinical Trials. The team identified, assessed and recommended five strategies in the area of patient recruitment, enrollment and retention that MedImmune could consider to speed the early stages of clinical trials. Kimberly LaPointe, Eden Fucci, Mema Bamba and Salim Munoz were the students on the winning team.

The runner-up team worked on a project called Global Megatrends. The team developed an assessment model to evaluate the impact of three trends on AstraZeneca’s phase 2 and phase 3 drug pipeline. Applying the model to Japan, the team recommended the acceleration of three compounds specifically to that market. Students on this team were Sarah Long, Jeremy Bullough, Taylor Hamilton and Wei-chin Hsu.

The course provided students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and insights to real-world, business problems.

The Masters in Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship program is part of Advanced Academic Program's Center for Biotechnology Education.


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