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Bike Share Coming to Montgomery County, Near JHU MCC

How about getting off the Metro and bicycling to campus?

Or running your lunchtime errands on two wheels instead of four?

Or maybe even replacing the seat belt with a bike helmet for your daily commute?

Montgomery County’s Department of Transportation is making that possible throughout the Rockville/ Shady Grove/ Life Sciences Center corridor. In a new initiative, bikeshare is coming to Montgomery County, including, in all likelihood, the doorstep of Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus.

“Bike sharing can be a cost-effective, healthy way to provide better transportation connections that reduce the need to drive for short trips, provide efficient links to transit and reduce traffic congestion,” County Executive Isiah Leggett said in a news release. “We expect the bikeshare program to significantly expand opportunities and improve the quality of life for all our residents.”

The program is expected to start by the end of the summer. Throughout the Rockville, Shady Grove and Life Sciences Center area, 21 bike stations will be built and approximately 250 bikes will be available. Part of the goal of the initiative is to see whether bike sharing will help low-income workers commuting for work or education purposes.

Montgomery County’s bike share will be run in conjunction with Capital Bikeshare, which is managed by Alta Bicycle Share.  Typically, bicyclists sign up for a membership, enabling them to rent bikes for short time periods. One-day rentals also are available.

Bikes can be picked up at one bike dock and returned to a dock at a different location, so one-way trips are okay.

The bike share concept is catching on. Bike sharing debuted in May in New York City. A Chicago bike share program started in June. Locally, bike sharing is available in Washington, D.C., Alexandria and Arlington.

Near Hopkins, Montgomery County proposed locations to include Medical Center Drive and Key West Avenue; Broschart and Blackwell roads; and Medical Center Drive and Medical Center Way.

Montgomery County is also planning to have bike share docks in Takoma Park, Silver Spring, Friendship Heights, Bethesda and Medical Center.

“Montgomery County is very excited to be providing this form of transit in the life sciences center and a number of local urban centers,” Anne Root, bikeshare program manager for Montgomery County’s Department of Transportation. “People can benefit from this extension of Capital Bikeshare by using it for the first mile and last mile of their transit trip and enjoying the health benefits of exercise and we can all work to get more single-occupant vehicles off the roads and reduce emissions.”

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