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Alleanza Services Is New Campus Tenant

Wanda Scholz wanted her company name to start with an “A” because it would appear at alleanza logo.jpgthe top of any alphabetical lists.  And that, she said, could only be good for business.

Running her ideas through search engines, Scholz couldn’t find anything she liked that wasn’t already taken in the English language. She then thought about falling back on her Italian heritage and looking for Italian words. She decided Alleanza, which means “alliance,” sounded perfect.

Alleanza Services is a staffing company now located at the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus. Scholz helps clients find contract workers, and helps contract workers find clients. “I feel like I have an alliance with both,” she said. “I am a neutral broker.”

Throughout Scholz’s career, her clients have included Montgomery County government; the Peace Corps; the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority; Booz Allen Hamilton; the National Institutes of Health; financial services, healthcare, hospitality, technology and transportation companies; nonprofit agencies; and more.

When companies need workers for a short duration, usually to focus on a specific, specialized project, they can reach out to Scholz, who will tap into her extensive network to find the right people with the right skills for the job.

Before creating Alleanza, Scholz worked for staffing company ALTA IT Services for 12 years. When it was sold in 2015, Scholz took some time off. In May, getting back in the game, she launched Alleanza Services. The company has four employees. Scholz initially planned to work from her D.C. home, but most of her clients are in Montgomery County so she sought out office space in the Rockville area. She landed at the Montgomery County Campus at the suggestion of Bryan Hill of EEPEX. EEPEX, an information technology consulting and services firm, has had its offices at the JHU Montgomery County Campus since 2013. Hill and Scholz have collaborated on projects through the years.

Scholz grew up near Shady Grove Road, and lived in that area until recently. She received her bachelor’s in formation systems management from the University of Maryland and has experience working in the IT side of staffing.

Alleanza Services joins approximately 35 companies at the JHU Montgomery County Campus that focus on scientific research, technology and other disciplines.

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