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AB Initio Technologies Joins Campus Community

Sonny ZinnAB Initio Technologies is making its home at Johns Hopkins University’s Montgomery County Campus.

Led by Sonny Zinn, AB Initio Technologies focuses on image processing. AB Initio is Latin for “from the beginning,” which Zinn says describes how he is building his company “from the ground up.”

Zinn has developed software used by a pharmaceutical company to detect defects in drug tablets. The equipment, which uses Zinn’s software, can inspect approximately 200,000 pills in an hour, making it more efficient and reliable than the human eye. Software of this kind is an integral part of drug companies’ quality-control procedures.

Zinn also is interested in developing a small medical device that would use electrochemical principles to detect minute amounts of substances in blood samples.

Zinn’s background is in theoretical physics. Before launching AB Initio, he collaborated on projects with TissueGene, also located on the Montgomery County Campus.

Approximately 35 companies are part of the Montgomery County Campus. Scientists and researchers here study cervical cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, cell therapy, proteins and other health topics. Other companies focus on technology, children’s mental health, medical devices and consulting services.


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