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5 Tips to Keep Job Searching Alive in the Summer

roni white

Roni White, associate director of Advanced Academic Programs Professional Career Services Center, is available to meet with AAP students to assist with creating resumes and cover letters, looking for jobs and bolstering interviewing skills. White sees students at the Montgomery County Campus 10:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. Fridays. To schedule an appointment, log on to the scheduler

By Roni K. White
Associate Director of AAP Professional Career Services Center

As the warmer weather increases and the activities of summer are calling louder, the daunting task of job searching may begin to lose its significance.  One may be tempted to let go, enjoy summer, and wait until the fall to pick up the reins of job searching.  Keeping your job search alive during the summer can prove productive and rewarding.  Remaining connected will provide opportunities to build and maintain relationships, keep abreast of new announcements, and receive valuable information.  Summer is not the time to reduce your efforts; it is the time to be more precise in your efforts. 

Here are some tips to assist you with keeping your job search alive during the summer months.

1)      Your professional social media accounts can play a vital role in summer job searching.  Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date, your tag line contains searchable words or phrases that best describe you as a professional, your summary clearly expresses your skills and abilities, and you are engaging with at least one professional group.  Use LinkedIn to identify companies, search opportunities and locate connections within. Review all the social media accounts you have for professional use and determine if you are telling a unified story about you as a professional.  Spend time updating and engaging with your professional world. Remaining active with professional social media keeps you connected, and gives you the ability to make new contacts with other professionals in your industry.  Professional relationships are key to locating, learning and creating opportunities. 

2)      Attend events related to your industry.  You may be surprised by the type of events that are occurring in the upcoming months.  Spend time pinpointing events you are interested in attending.  While attending the events keep your ears and mind open; you may learn of an opportunity or be able to create one for yourself after listening to a problem/need you may be able to solve/fill.  Events create an intellectual space to engage with others and share your abilities.

3)      Develop a better sense and understanding of the possibilities within your industry.  Take time to learn how the industry or field you are seeking to build your career within actually works.  Explore potential areas of growth for the industry, areas unchartered and areas in need of revitalization. The better you understand an industry the more you will be prepared to navigate it.

4)      Reflect on self by evaluating your skills, knowledge, abilities, and experiences, and zero in on how you want to use these qualities in your career.  Discover positions and roles you want to assume during your career as well as others in these roles or in related positions and investigate how they obtained these positions.  Self-reflection positions you for a targeted job search and assists in further developing your talking points as well as elevator pitch.  These elements allow you to speak clearly about your career desires and effectively identify opportunities.

5) Be diligent in following up and reaching out.  As you meet professionals, extend the conversation by following up with them about lingering questions or providing information from the original encounter.  Following up is not an easy task but can prove rewarding when done well.  Building and maintaining relationships take work and the voids in professional networks are not fulfilled through osmotic pressure.  You are not asking for a job; you are presenting what you can do for a company. 

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